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January 27, 2011
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Akila - Voleros Application by DizDear Akila - Voleros Application by DizDear
[[ :bulletgreen: Akila now has a formspring <3 [link]

If you want to rp with me I usually use my MSN or AIM
AIM: dismalfate89

otherwise you can contact me here or on FS <3
I'm currently on MSN and AIM rp hiatus. I don't have the time to sit down and rp for hours on end anymore :/
But please, feel free to note me or IM me anyways <3

if you add me on AIM or MSN, please let me know so I don't ignore you <3 ]]

Name: Akila Anubis

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Species: Hellhound

Job: Akila has an sculpture and painting shop. She specializes in recreating items such as the jars used for mummification, desert paintings. and tools like her crook and flail.
--She has a part-time job in her family's business as a mortician.

:bulletpurple: Fighting - because she is practiced in her Grandmother's culture, she also had learned how to fight to protect herself and others in case of an evil mummy resurrection.
:bulletpurple: Pottery- Akila has always preferred painting and sculpting compared to her more morbid family business she belongs to.
:bulletpurple: Snake Charming - Akila has always loved snakes even from a young age. As she grew she found herself getting a knack for calming and befriending the slithering creatures.
:bulletpurple: Mummification - Her family business is a funeral home with all the practicings of mummification. (I didn't put this talent on her profile image because only 3 talents are allowed to be displayed ^^; )

Personality: Akila is shy by nature, and is often a bit too trusting of people's intentions. So long as she can sense something good about someone, she often trusts them, but sometimes her senses are a bit off ^^;
Once she has made a friend(or love) she will protect them and their happiness no matter what it takes.
but cross her and she is quick to draw her dagger.
Akila is fairly clumsy and often breaks things accidentally. Usually her clumsiness is a sign of her nervousness. The only time she is not clumsy is when she is fighting.
She also gets nervous easily and prefers not to go out in large crowds alone, though she frequently takes nightly strolls by herself.
Akila loves the sunshine, but often finds peace during a rainstorm.
:bulletred: Her favorite food is beef stew.
:bulletred: Her favorite drink is Cherry soda
:bulletred: Her favorite color is crimson.

History: Akila grew up in the country-side with her father, mother, and grandmother. She was raised without modern convenience and taught the ways the ways to live off the land even in the rough desert area through her Grandmother and parents. When she was 10 years old she fell into a fast-flowing river near her home. The river swept her away and eventually took her life. Her father retrieved her body from the river and her grandmother used her gift of resurrection magic to bring Akila back to life. Unfortunately with this spell Akila's grandmother rushed her own demise and granted Akila new life and the gift of resurrection magic her grandmother once had. (She can only use the spell once in exchange for her own life, but she will never fail in her attempt because it is a gift passed down in her family line. She received the gift through her grandmother).
After her grandmother's passing, her parents and she moved into a town where her parents then decided to start a funeral home of mummification.
Akila never grew fond of the funeral home because of her brush with death. She often spent her days in her room painting and sculpting.
Eventually when she grew old enough to live outside of her parents care she opened her own art shop where she could paint and sculpt without the constant reminder of her morbid past. She often paints and sculpts her home in the country-side of fonder times in the desert sun.
Even though Akila had left her parents home and started her own shop, she still works at the funeral home with her parents from time to time.

Additional Info:
:bulletblue: Her tattoo on her back is similar to that of Isis's pendant.(She will never mention Isis, ever. I just wrote that it was similar to Isis' pendant in case anyone is curious where it is from) And it is located on her back between her shoulder blades (it's straight too, I laid it crooked so it would fit on the application).
:bulletblue: Her crook has a hidden blade.

:bulletblue: She always wears her snake armband because it's a gift from her late grandmother.
:bulletblue: Akila has a younger brother who is 10. He never grew up in the country but only in the town Akila and her parents currently reside in.

:bulletblue: Akila has a strange obsession with snakes

[Heart Chart: [link] ]
[Item Sheet: [link] ]
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